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5 Reasons Why the Best Time for Your New Career Is Now

Making a drastic career change can be daunting at any time in your life, but it is especially scary during times of economic downturn. Shouldn't you hold onto your current job with all your might? While that seems the most logical thing at first blush, making a career change now could actually be the better plan.

Here's why.

1. Better Chances of Advancement 更好的發展機會

Have you reached a point in your career where advancement will happen only if you further your education? That's the story for many who choose to go back to school. Further your career training and earn your associate's or bachelor's deGREe to kick open new doors!

Inspiration: Registered Nurse

Nursing aides offer hands-on help for patients, including the basics of bathing, dressing, and cleanliness. The pay rate for nursing aides is a median of $23,850 per year. However, career training of one year and good grades on qualifying exams can earn the title of licensed practical nurse, with a higher annual pay of $39,030.

Those who choose to advance to registered nurse can bring home a healthy $62,450 per year. An associate's deGREe in nursing, a bachelor's deGREe in nursing, or a nursing diploma are the three ways to advance to the higher pay and title of registered nurse.

2. Higher Education Equals Higher Pay 高學歷也就等于高收入

Maybe you're already in a job you love, but your paycheck doesn't reflect all those years of hard work you have put in. Earning your online deGREe can add quite a hefty weight to that paycheck.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, those who hold an associate's deGREe can make an average of $5,600 more per year than those with only a high school diploma. Those with a bachelor's deGREe, however, make an average of $15,400 more than those with an associate's deGREe.

Inspiration: Web Designer

Web designers create websites for everyone from individuals to large corporations. Their education can be just as varied, ranging from an associate's deGREe to a doctorate. Typically, the higher the deGREe, the better the position and the higher the pay. According to Robert Half International, Web designers earn a median annual wage ranging from $47,000 to $71,500.
網絡設計師的客戶從個人到大型公司,幫他們設計網站。而網絡工程師的教育程度也從大專文憑到博士不等。但是一般說來,學歷越高,職位越好,薪資越高。根據 Robert Half International的調查顯示,網絡設計師的平均年薪從$47,000 到 $71,500.不等。

3. Realize Your Dream   實現你的夢想

Is there something you have always wanted to do, but obtaining your ideal job never seemed to be in the cards? You're not alone, but other savvy folks just like you have managed to make it happen. Hold onto your current job while taking courses at night or online, and before you know it, you will have a deGREe in that field of your dreams.

Inspiration: Teacher

If you've always wanted to touch the lives of children and instill a love of learning, now is the time. Elementary school teachers will be in high demand in the coming years, and can earn a median annual salary of $49,330. A bachelor's deGREe is required, as well as a state license to teach.

4. Turn Lemons Into Lemonade

When that dreaded pink slip lands on your desk, what happens after you leave the building? Before you dust off that resume, take a good look at what you can do with this unexpected downtime. This is the golden opportunity to do something fresh and exciting.

Inspiration: Chef

What's cooking? Anything you want when you're in charge of the kitchen as a professional chef. Start out with career training on the job while you pursue an associate's or bachelor's deGREe in culinary arts. This sweet career change can lead to a median annual salary of $38,770 when you become the head chef.

5. Getting Education Is Easier Than Ever 如今培訓比以往更容易

You might think earning your deGREe will take too much time, or cost too much money. While some positions might require a four-year bachelor's deGREe or a level of education even higher than that, there are just as many options that require two years of career training or less.

Inspiration: Dental Hygienist

Helping patients learn good oral hygiene is the job of the dental hygienist. A dental hygiene program takes from one to two years to complete. Get the deGREe, pass the license exam, and you're on track to make a median wage of $66,570 per year in one of the fastest-growing occupations today.

Ready for a Career Change?

Now is the time to make that career leap. Earn your online deGREe, then use your career training to open the door to a new career adventure. You've got nothing to lose, and a whole new occupation to gain.

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